Directions to the Bowling Lab

Aline Skaggs Biology Building, Room 440 (yellow on map)

There is a map of the University of Utah campus here.

Directions from I-15

From I-15 take the 600 South exit east (toward the city).

Follow 600 South to 700 East and turn left.

Turn right on 400 South. The road will curve to become 500 South. Continue east, towards the mountains.

For closer but expensive parking:

From 500 South eastbound, turn left at 1300 East. Turn right at 400 South (South Campus Drive).

Turn left at the second light (after you pass Rice Eccles stadium on your right). There is a spendy paylot here ($2/hour or $20/day). The paylot is immediately southeast of the yellow biology building on the map, and is immediately west of the Marriott Library.

Our building, the Aline Skaggs Biology Building (ASB) is the large building directly West of the bookstore. Our lab is room 440, (801) 585-5671.

For cheaper parking (cell phone required):

Follow the directions above, but stay on 500 South (instead of turning on 1300 East). You will pass the stadium on your left.

Turn right at Guardsman Way. Take your first left into the University parking lot (which is across the street and east of the Eccles Tennis Center at the bottom of the map). You can use your cell phone to pay for parking (look for the sign). Be aware that Commuter Services has decided the standard US Legal Tender is not acceptable, so if you forgot your phone then you get to park in the expensive lot. Note you can't park here during football games either.

Walk to the building using the map and directions above (about 10 minutes).

From UTA TRAX light rail:

Take the University Line. The Stadium TRAX station is located on the left of the map above where "University Street" is labeled. It's a 5 minute walk from there to the lab - go under the tunnel by the northwest corner of the stadium.

From the University Guesthouse:

Walk south about 50 meters, then west a few hundred meters, and cross the big white Olympic suspension bridge, which spans Mario Capecchi Drive. At the bottom of the stairs on the west end of the bridge, continue past the Student Life Center and outdoor pool, bear a bit northwest, then continue west on the long straight downhill sidewalk until you reach the Marriott Library on the map above. (The long sidewalk is visible in the upper right corner of the map above, just above HPER-North.) Follow the map and directions above (about 15 minutes). Try not to get plowed over by the skateboarders dude.