Dave Bowling
Group Leader
Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Maria Garcia
Physical Chemist


Dr. Brett Raczka (Curriculum Vitae)
Research Assistant Professor
Projects: Large-scale modeling of land-atmosphere interactions


Dr. Kenny Smith (website)
Postdoctoral Researcher
Project: Effect of snowpack on carbon cycling in world forests


Julia Yang
Ph.D. Student



Dr. Steven Hall (2013-2015), now on faculty at Iowa State University
Dr. Sean Schaeffer (2005-2007), now on faculty at University of Tennessee
Dr. Samantha Weintraub (co-advised, 2014-2016), now at National Ecological Observatory Network

Graduate Students
Seth Arens (MS 2010), “Ion deposition in Wasatch mountain snow: influence of Great Salt Lake and Salt Lake City” (now at Western Water Assessment)

Mark Blonquist (MS 2012), “The potential of carbonyl sulfide as a proxy for gross primary production at flux tower sites” (now at Apogee Instruments)

Allison Chan (MS 2015) “Tree transpiration from two forests in the Wasatch Mountains, Utah” (now at Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Dr. Greg Maurer (PhD 2014), “The influence of seasonal snowpack variability on biogeochemical processes in western U.S. montane ecosystems” (now at University of New Mexico)

Dr. Andrew Moyes (PhD 2010), “The contribution of recently-assimilated carbon to soil respiration” (now at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Emily Schulze (MS 2015) “Revisiting streamside tree water use in the context of the two water worlds hypothesis” (now at Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Dr. John Zobitz (PhD 2007), “Mathematical approaches to partition net ecosystem exchange of carbon dioxide in a high-elevation subalpine forest” (now on faculty at Augsburg College, Minnesota)

Undergraduate Students

Jessica Baker, Brett Boyer, Ryan Dillingham, Sarah Gaines, Claire Hall, Adrian Harrison, John Lillquist, Lori Long, Richard Malyn, Brianne Palmer, Stephanie Plummer, Harrison Quinn, Sarah Reed, Jillian Turner, Tina Woltz

Other Researchers

Suzanne Bethers, Kavoka Jackson, Dr. Shashi Kalaskar, Claire Lunch, Raili Taylor